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Say What?! #4

Are you guys ready for a little myth-busting in your Wednesday night? I actually got thrown this one today but, as I explained to this person, it is total and utter garden fodder. Enjoy!

From the Mouths of Bilingual Babes #23

As a linguist with bilingual children, I’m always following my children around with a notebook writing down as many of the amazing things they say as I can. And even though I know all the academic information about language acquisition and bilingual development etc, I never cease to be enthralled by watching these things actually unfold before my eyes.

Family Profile #18

I have always believed in the power of story-telling. Stories speak to us in a way that lessons, lectures and textbooks cannot. It is for this reason that a regular segment on my blog is true stories from the lives of real families who are really raising their children bilingually right now, as you read this.

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