Say What?! #3

This week’s myth is short and sweet. It’s something that gets bandied about a fair bit and dropped into conversations, but which has absolutely ABSOLUTELY no basis in fact.

Myth 3. There are only so many languages one child can speak.

Reality: We actually don’t know what the maximum number of languages a child can learn is, because we haven’t reached it yet. Children keep busting through the ceiling of wherever the limit has been set at any particular time. Children’s capacity for language is quite literally off the charts. The highest recorded number of languages spoken by one person is 100 with the ability to understand a further 100. So, however many languages you have in your family mix, chances are you’re pretty safe 😉

What about you? Did you believe this one too? What are some of the things you believe about children speaking multiple languages? And do you know if your ideas are right or not? Jot them down in the comments below and I’ll let you know!

Watch this space for Myth #4 next week: It’s best to learn one language at a time properly before adding another… (Say What?!)

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