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"I have met so many adults who tell me they regret not being able to speak their parents' language. I am yet to meet one who regrets the opposite."

Bilingual Child-Rearing 101: the eternal basics

All bilingual families are different. This is why we always say there is no one-size-fits-all solution to raising bilingual children. There are, however, a number of techniques, tricks and linguistic principles that have stood the test of time and should make up the cornerstones of all our colourful and varied approaches to raising bilingual children. Let’s take a look!

Upheaval: Moving Your Little Bilinguals

One of the many common challenges bilingual families face is moving. Not just moving house, but very often moving countries, moving cultures, and moving languages. So what can bilingual families do to help their children surf the waves of change and come out the other side more resilient, more confident and even stronger in their bilingualism?

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